Debbie Wagenbach

​"Who is the Good Shepherd?" A young child may be curious and ask "Who is the Good Shepherd" or "What does he do for us?" With its easy-to-understand words, I Am Your Friend explains to a child how the Good Shepherd will always be your friend now and even when you're 102.
"I was your friend before you were you. I'll still be your friend at one hundred and two."
The words in this story bring to light how the Good Shepherd (Jesus) is always with us. Though pictures and story is created for children with rhyming words I Am Your Friend is an inspiring book for people of all ages.

Children's Book Author 

Debbie Wagenbach’s newest Book I Am Your Friend now has a video trailer on You Tube. Please share with your friends. All proceeds from sales of this book will go to publishing another of her books of which there is a whole file full of her ideas and stories.

Bonnie Wagenbach, Debbie's Mother,  has released "Miss Debbie's" latest book Published March 2021 called "I Am Your Friend" in loving memory of her daughter, Debbie Wagenbach. This title was the book Miss Debbie was working on just before her passing in 2019. It is a beautiful book that truly reflects Debbie's story telling style- as it should -because these are Debbie's words. One can almost hear her voice as you read the loving verse. Her rhymes are fun and true to her nature.
Debbie loved children and she loved reading. I am honored to have known her and I miss her.
The book has been released simultaneously in hardcover and paperback at and can be purchased at Burlington By the Book. Miss Debbie's first two books- "The Grouchies" and "Big Brave Bold Sergio" are also available.
"Smile and speak to everyone with kindness in your voice.
Grouchies go away, I say!  I've made smiles my choice."
-Debbie Wagenbach (the Grouchies) 1961-2019

Statement written by Chris Murphy owner of Burlington By the Book

I Am Your Friend

​Christian Faith Publishers, 2021