"Debbie Wagenbach did an excellent job presenting to my elementary.  She talked to my PK-2 in one grouping and 3-6 in the other grouping.  She involved the students very well.  She read her book, The Grouchies to both groups.  Both the young and older students were highly interested in her presentation.  I would highly recommend her to other elementary principals."

          -Jon Kerr, Elementary Principal, Wapello CSD

Children's Book Author 

Debbie Wagenbach

"Debbie Wagenbach visited our school and gave two wonderful presentations to our students - a fun-filled, keep the grouchies away presentation for the lower grades, and a thoroughly engaging, writing-centered one for our upper students.  I highly recommend having Miss Debbie visit your school.  Over a month later our students are still talking about The Grouchies.

          -Chad McClanahan, Title 1 Reading Teacher