What can you do when the grouchies take hold? How can you keep a bad mood at bay?​
       With funny rhymes and a silly chant, The Grouchies shows kids simple and fun ways to turn around grouchy moods. But most of all, kids will understand how their mood and negativity can affect their family and friends, and really get in the way of having a good day.
       An extensive Note to Parents further explains the child's experience and provides parents with easy-to-apply tips and tools for helping their kids when a grumpy day comes along.

The Grouchies

Children's book illustrator and mother reviews The Grouchies.

     Swimming with the Snappers makes Sergio feel BIG, BRAVE, and BOLD.

     But sometimes the Snappers' idea of fun gives Sergio "squishy" feelings. He doesn't like it when they start picking on a minnow named Gil...but it's hard to stand up to your friends!

     Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Julia Martin Burch, PhD, on bullying, friendship, fitting in, and ways to discuss these issues with your child.

Big, Brave, Bold Sergio by Debbie Wagenbach

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Magination Press, 2009

  •  iParenting Media Award
  • Mom's Choice Award for Children's Picture Books (Gold)
  • SLJ, NoveList Remarkable Reads

Big, Brave, Bold Sergio

Magination Press -- 2018

Debbie Wagenbach

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