Debbie Wagenbach

My first attempts at storytelling happened in front of this audience.  They were always painfully honest with their reviews and still are today.  

I grew up on a farm, and I still live there today.  My father worked hard as a farmer and county road worker to provide for our family.  My mother was a keeper at home where there were new babies to love and diapers to change for a span of more than 15 years.  The money my parents earned was spent to feed and clothe a large family, so buying books was never high on their priority list.  With only one car, trips to the library were out of the question, too.  What we did have was a Dad and Mom who read us Bible stories, recited nursery rhymes, retold fairy tales and fables, sang to us, and played fun bedtime games that most often got us more wound up than sleepy.    Many evenings, we'd put on our pajamas and gather around the piano.  Mom would play hymns and we would sing like the neighbors down the road had requested a concert.  It was a simple life--no television, no cell phones, no computers, no social media, no air conditioning (we did have indoor toilets).  Today, I look back and know my life is much richer and fuller because I had parents who taught me good things happen to those who put God first, love their neighbors as themselves, and work diligently to achieve their dreams.  

Children's Book Author